nursery room

Decorating Nursery Room, Do’s and Dont’s

Nursery Room

Decorating a nursery is an incredibly pleasant task, but you need to keep in mind that beauty and safety should come hand in hand for this particular room. Our tips should help you choose the best type of window covers for your little one.

What you should do when decorating nursery windows:

  • Do keep in mind that curtains reduce the width of the window.
 This ‘visual effect’ can be overlooked if the nursery is large, but smaller spaces will look cluttered with curtains.  Blinds will be the best choice in this case.
  • To enhance the window design with a valance.
 A window valance or cornice box can dramatically change the look of the blinds. Installing this piece will allow you to make the interior design as a whole ‘warmer’ and more attractive, without the limitations posed by curtains.


  • Do install curtains/shades last.
With the décor completed, it will be easier for you to choose the type of window cover that matches your existing design best. You can use this time studying the dozens of options available so that you can be sure that you really pick the best one.
  • Do double-check whether the window treatments are installed correctly.
 Check everything and test every joint, string, and bolt. Pull-on the curtains a little harder than necessary as kids do this quite often and you need to be sure that the hangers are secured properly.

nursery room

What you shouldn’t do when decorating nursery windows:

  • Don’t use tension rods.
 Children are prone to pulling on everything within their sight, and over-pulling a spring-loaded tension rod can give the little one a nasty bump on the head or worse.
  • Don’t install floor-length curtains.
 They pose a health hazard for a child and can often serve as a hanky for the youngest ones. The rule of thumb for nursery window treatments is to ensure that the curtains/blinds and any of their elements remain safely out of a toddler’s reach.
  • Don’t go too light on the blinds.
 It’s imperative to keep the nursery pleasantly cool during the day, especially for afternoon naps. Achieved by installing the right kind of blinds, for example, Blockout Roman or Venetian options.
  • Don’t forget to install breakaway cords.
 If you choose blinds for your nursery, replace regular cords with a special breakaway variety. This is essential for childproofing the room as cords are the most dangerous part of this system for a toddler. If pulled, these cords break rather easily, so the risk to the little one is minimal. This issue is easy to repair, so your blinds can be up to maximum efficiency within hours.

nursery room

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